Agora provides "tailor-made" solutions and not like many others "out-of-the-box". For us the interaction with the customer is necessary to become a valuable partner.

Blockchain Business & Tokenomics

  • Governance
    Definition of team, responsibilities, processes required to bring STO to the successful end.
  • Blockchain Business Model
    Development of a useful STO Business Model depending on the company background
  • Tokenomics
    Creation of token features (e.g. perpetual bond, debt or equity based), token distribution, etc.
  • Documents
    Delivery of document like Lightpaper, Prospectus (by Issuer), STO Whitepaper and Management Pitch Deck.
  • Target Market
    Look for the target market instead of looking where to launch the token - it’s not vice versa.
  • Roadmap
    Develop a valid roadmap that can meet up the expectations of the token holders and of the issuer.
  • Team
    Define a team with experience that can execute the product and not only talk about it.

Development & Infrastructure

  • Smart Contract
    Development of smart contracts in regards to the STO Business Model.
  • Infrastructure
    Setting up complete infrastructure for hosting and development.
  • Wallets
    Provide a storage (hot or cold) for Token Holders or Crypto Investors.
  • Legal Implementation
    Implementation of legal requirements like KYC and AML.
  • Website
    Creation of the ICO / STO portal with KYC, AML, Online Survey, CRM, etc. (e.g. different websites for the stages).
  • Smart Contract Audit
    Audit to legally accept the highest quality in the development by an external independent audit company.
  • Exchanges
    Provide access and listing to regulated exchanges for Token Holder (secondary market).


  • Social Media
    Establish and support channels like telegram, reddit, medium, etc. as marketing strategy (Multilingual).
  • Community Management
    During the public and crowd sale a clear community manager needs to tackle all open questions.
  • Roadshow
    Attending events to promote the new Token in regards to the planned roadshow.
  • PR
    Develop Content Strategy for press releases or articles.
  • Corporate Design
    Create a unique corporate identity from Logo to Website.
  • Advertisement
    Placement of adverts in the online and offline world.

Launch. Your. Token. Offering.

In addition to that Agora Innovation offers a regulated and compliant tool to launch your token offering in different jurisdictions. As token issuer you can manage your token flow safely, have full control as well as transparency.

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